image/svg+xml 2018 Bautista Ramos e Marisa Triñanes CC BY NC SA English Writing Opinion Useful information on how to write an opinion essay CLOSING Summarise your ideas and restate your opinion using different words Writing an opinion essay. Topic: E-learning platforms Move your mouse over the different paragraphs E-Learning platforms usage is at its peak. There are many of them, each with its own set of features and characteristics, and they serve all sorts of purposes. In my view, these platforms are great tools. It must be acknowledged that e-learning platforms are attractive for students because technology is, supposedly, part of a modern teen's daily life. Besides, these platforms offer the possibility of choosing when and where they study and learn. Regarding teachers, these platforms include planning tools that help us link all the activities to the curriculum. They also integrate assessment tools which allow us to check a student's progress quite easily. Although some teachers are still reluctant to using a learning platform in the classroom, basically because they don't understand how these platforms work, their use is setting ground steadily because most educators recognize that these tools make learning more interactive and easier. In short, it's quite clear that e-learning platforms are powerful tools susceptible to misuse and prone to errors, but when used to their full potential they can be very useful for both students and teachers. . AN OPINION ESSAY The writer states an opinion and tries to convince readers that this opinion is justified with reasons and facts. OPENING: Introduce the topic and give your opinion BODY Paragraph 1: Support your opinion with facts, reasons or examples. In this essay, we use this paragraph to write about the benefits for students. BODY Paragraph 2: Give a second reason to support your opinion. In this essay, we use this paragraph to write about the benefits for teachers. You can also present the opposing viewpoint.